In today’s competitive world, Concilio Solutions differentiate themselves from their competitors by putting the customer experience on the top of their priority list. The firm’s vision is to consistently provide excellent customer service. Concilio Solutions meet with a specific target audience on a face-to-face basis to acquire new customers for their clients and to build long-lasting relationships and increase brand loyalty.

Newcastle’s thriving market and entrepreneurial spirit have inspired Concilio Solutions to start up their first office in this vibrant location. The firm has big plans ahead. Starting in Newcastle, Concilio Solutions’ aspirations are to expand throughout further UK markets and to represent their clients nationwide over the coming five years.


Paul Tapscott Concilio Solutions

Hi I’m Paul – I am the CEO and founder of Concilio Solutions Ltd.

I was born in Bristol, and moved to the north east when I was 2 years old when my dad got a job as a medical sales rep, and my mum worked as a school lunchtime assistant. My background and upbringing is really humble and working class. My Mother and father have worked hard all their lives and supported me and my 5 brothers and sisters.

I myself left school when I was 17. I’ve always been really interested in music and performing and never really saw myself as an academic. So after a year of sixth form I decided I wanted to get out and see how the world worked.

My first job was as a bank clerk. Since then I have worked in environments such as call centres, retail stores, and even sang in a piano bar!

I love music and performing, and auditioned for many talent competitions such as the xfactor and popstars: the Rivals. (Yes I was a serial reject)

While I never saw any of these roles as my route to success or prosperity, I know now they have given me a great platform to build on, and some fantastic experience in dealing with people, handling negative situations, but most of all just a better grasp of what I am capable of. There was just never the progression in these roles that I yearned for, and just wanted a new challenge. I have learnt that if you strive to expand your comfort zones and confront challenges head on, you can truly do anything.

I created Concilio having built solid foundations and learnt a few key things about business.

I am very much a sports fan, have a healthy competitive edge, and love to be the best at anything I do.

I aim to make Concilio a leading force in the market, and for everyone within to strive for success and personal development.

These things relate to customers, clients, and people within your team or business.

Customers buy into your product or service because of you. Because you were able to sell yourself and create that personal connection. People buy because of people, this is something I swear by.

Your client will carry on doing business with you because they trust you and your service. Proving that you have your clients’ best interests at the core of your operations is essential to a long and stable business relationship. It’s not just about bringing in results, it’s about long term quality results that really count.

I cannot stress enough how much an unbreakable team bond is essential to a business being successful, just as it is in any personal or professional relationship. Knowing your people, knowing their goals and interests is the best way to motivate and inspire people.


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