Concilio Solutions Shift Focus on to Creating a Fun Work Environment

Concilio Solutions Shift Focus on to Creating a Fun Work Environment

Sales and marketing innovators Concilio Solutions recently shared the steps they are taking to foster a fun work environment for their community of talented professionals and outlined the reasons why their approach makes such good business sense.

As a leading provider of outsourced sales and marketing solutions, Concilio Solutions help brands to increase their market exposure through face-to-face communications. By taking a proactive approach and meeting with consumers directly, Concilio Solutions can assess individual needs and requirements before tailoring a unique solution.

As a young and vibrant firm, Concilio Solutions believe in creating a fun working environment to encourage creative thinking.  In a 2013 survey, it was highlighted that the main reason for people liking their jobs was because they enjoyed the interaction with their fellow workers and appreciated managers who created an open and fun atmosphere.

Concilio Solutions believe that a workplace with a playful and experimental environment can give individuals the things that they are looking for – job satisfaction, influence in decision making and career ownership. The firm has a constant schedule of fun activities, team nights and adventures organised for their workforce.  Recently the company travelled to Miami with two of their leading sales contractors, went Go-Karting, to Laser Quest and crazy gold on some team days with regular nights out at leading venues such as The Botanist and The Alchemist. Also, an incentive was run to reward a selection of top performers with tickets to a premier league football match.

Concilio Solutions thinks it’s important to offer these activities on a regular basis because meeting the changing needs of a company’s workforce will help retain talented individuals, enable quicker progression, and create a working culture of collaboration. When a corporation has a strong working culture, individuals will be able to see the meaning behind their work and the bigger picture. Because of this, Concilio Solutions are committed to creating a fun, engaging and positive work environment.



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