Concilio Solutions: Looking for Variety? Work in Event Marketing!

Concilio Solutions: Looking for Variety? Work in Event Marketing!

In a recent statement sales and event marketing firm, Concilio Solutions outlined how those looking to escape the office environment and say goodbye to the 9 to 5 could thrive in the sales and marketing industry.

The young and vibrant firm, Concilio Solutions believe in creating a fun working environment to foster creative and innovative thinking.  The company is a leading provider of event marketing campaigns in the outsourced sales and marketing industry and help a brand to increase their market exposure and customer base, through in-person interactions at event sites. The event marketing technique used and developed by Concilio Solutions meets individual consumer needs, and the in-person communication makes for a better buying experience.

The sales and marketing industry has opened many doors for many individuals who have recently become involved. Working with Concilio Solutions on their event marketing campaigns means a working life of variety, with no two days the same.  To work on their campaigns, allows people to visit different locations and meet new connections from all walks of life.  The regular travel opportunities in the form of business conferences and networking events (both in the UK and abroad) keeps the firm’s workforce engaged and motivated at the same time as meeting the needs of peoples development and learning requirements at work.

Concilio Solutions recently took one of their clients’ campaigns to Sunderland International Air Show.  The event took place on the weekend of 22nd-23rd July and the team working at the event were treated to the Royal Air Force’s Typhoon and Aerobatic teams plus the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.  The team reported that the Red Arrows was the highlight of the event, appearing on both the Saturday and the Sunday. As one of the largest seafront airshows in the UK, the event is a showcase for incredible aerial displays, vintage aircraft and acrobatics at the same time as music and family entertainment.

Concilio Solutions believe that variety and trying new experiences are essential to becoming a better business professional.  New experiences include meeting new people and ultimately developing good relationships, therefore improving a person’s communication skills; The Dale Carnegie Foundation has suggested that our communication skills determine roughly 85% of our social and financial success in life.




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